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Hello, I am Abhishek Jha.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_abhishek_jha99/


I know I am getting judged because of this pic, you might be thinking “couldn’t this guy find a better pic?”, if that’s what you’re thinking congratulations you’re correct! I really couldn’t find a better pic, finding a picture different from your profile picture (otherwise get judged) is a grueling task for someone not so photogenic like myself.

I am a novice blogger, perhaps the format of this post itself reveals the fact. The pretentious distinction of being a blogger lured me into putting my thoughts in the public forum.

All sorts of perceptions get developed from a person’s description of himself/herself and I try to avoid giving people an opportunity to develop a perception about me, thus I have never quite liked the idea of describing myself explicitly, but famous posts on the internet intended to guide novice bloggers stress on having a post dedicated to ourselves in the very beginning.

I wish to keep my readers engaged and allow them to form a perception about me based on my content, so follow me Abhishek Jha for interesting content on a variety of interesting issues, events, and topics.




MBA| Computer Engineer | Reader | Writer | Speaker…

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Abhishek Jha

Abhishek Jha

MBA| Computer Engineer | Reader | Writer | Speaker…

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